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CLUBMAP offers tailored solutions so you can support and educate community administrators on mass. Scroll down for more info.

Tailored support for clubs

How it works

CLUBMAP's combination of a tailored mini-webinar series, club health checks and individual workshops is the perfect way to reach, support and educate all your clubs.

We offer new-age thinking towards community sporting administration and operations. We've taken combined decades of professional sport experience and simplified it for community. We focus on HOW.

Focus on key pressure topics with a webinar mini-series, collate health data of all your clubs, offer extra one-on-one direction and support for select clubs. It's affordable, practical and effective.

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Choose from the following

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Create your own mini webinar series just for your clubs. Choose from 15 topics and reach all club administrators at once. The webinars are engaging, informative and we always allow for question time at the end.

How are your clubs really going? Often clubs can be reluctant to share the true situation. Our in-depth survey and resulting report gives clubs a great understanding of where they're at across 11 key admin areas. A perfect starting point. We can collate data and develop reports to give you all the information you need.

Many councils and sports go further for select clubs and either subsidise or fully fund our one-on-one workshops. Helping clubs plan for the future, raise new revenue, structure to succeed and recruit new volunteers is vital in club sustainability.

Customise your package for clubs

Popular options used by councils and sports.

People webinars

A 3-part mini series to get the right structure in place, discover new ways to recruit volunteers, and create great club culture.

Admin webinars

A 3-part mini series to bring your club's operations and administration into 2022. We cover technology, finances and planning.

Revenue Webinars

Shift to a new-age revenue model with a 4-part series covering membership, sponsorship, grants and online fundraising.

Club Health Checks

Our in-depth survey and resulting report gives clubs a great understanding of where they're at across 11 key admin areas. A perfect starting point.

Key topics where clubs need help

These and many more, we can help you help them.


The foundation of a successful club. Good committee structure puts the right people in the right jobs.


A thriving volunteer program supercharges your club. We show you how to find, recruit and retain volunteers.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Clubs often don't have a plan. We focus on strategic, operational and revenue plans.


Run your club like a business. Planning, forecasting, reporting and more, made simple and easy to understand.


Many clubs are using an outdated revenue model. Our new-age approach boosts club revenue and helps clubs thrive.

We've worked with organisations from more than 70 different sports