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How CLUBMAP has helped other clubs achieve success and sustainability.


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Lavington Football Netball Club

"We had a members drive and got about 125 members out of that; we rebranded ourselves; we've had the renovations at the ground; and we are just in a much better financial position than what we were 18 months ago"

North Shore Football Netball Club

After a recommendation from a nearby club, committee member Greg Dennis acquired a grant for a CLUBMAP Premium Planning Workshop and according to him 'everything has been upwards and onwards from there'.

Monbulk Cricket Club

CLUBMAP had the pleasure of working with Monbulk Cricket Club in mid 2020. Since then, they have made some incredible changes at their club that has resulted in remarkable success, on and off the pitch.

Eastern United Football Club

"If you have a club, regardless of how successful you are, I recommend doing the CLUBMAP Workshop and getting a plan for the future. I didn’t think I could learn anymore but this has given me a whole new perspective on the way things should be run at our club."

Sunshine Coast Pickleball Club

"An exciting time for Pickleball on the Sunshine Coast and we are grateful for the support of CLUBMAP to educate and guide our team as we grow."

Moama Football Netball Club

"The best thing we did was invest in CLUBMAP. Since our first webinar, we've hit the scoreboard left, right and centre. We’re so glad we joined forces."

Southern Bay Cyclones Rugby Club

“CLUBMAP's professional guidance resulted in our workshop attendees becoming fully engaged and this translated into agreed outcomes and forward momentum to implement the plans generated.”

Carngham-Linton Football Netball Club

"I've been involved in club admin for 30 years, and I cannot believe the different ideas that have just come through in the last couple of hours."

Seaford Football Netball Club

"We looked at Covid shutdown as an opportunity really, our club was struggling, the small committee was tired, but it gave us a chance to take up CLUBMAP's services"

City of Darebin Council

"Darebin Council’s Club Development Series with CLUBMAP was a great success. These were well received, with about 84% of clubs saying the sessions were well above their expectations."

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