Our free weekly webinars cover common challenges for all community sports and how to solve them. We bring 20+ years of professional sport knowledge, and simplify it for community sport across the country.

Succession, the key to sustainability

WEBINAR 15 of 15 (Dec 13) - Succession planning, how to set your club up for the future. Often there is very little handover or training, ensure sustainability with…

dateMonday December 13th

time8am - 8:40am

Committee Structure & Operations

WEBINAR 1 of 10 (Feb 7) - Set up your club to maximise revenue. Structure your club to share the load, reduce burnout and increase the lifespan of volunteers. Clu…

dateMonday February 7th

time8am - 8:40am

Strategic & Operational Plans

WEBINAR 2 of 10 (Feb 14) - How planning drives revenue. Most clubs don't focus on the future and have enough on their plate with the day-to-day. If you don't plan f…

dateMonday February 14th

time8am - 8:40am

Membership Program

WEBINAR 3 of 10 (Feb 21) - Membership - the undervalued revenue stream. Membership is the lifeblood of all clubs. Learn about our proven, new-age methods to incre…

dateMonday February 21st

time8am - 8:40am

Volunteer Program

WEBINAR 4 of 10 (Feb 28) - Creating a thriving volunteer program. Learn methods used by top clubs to create a volunteer program that doesn't just survive, but thr…

dateMonday February 28th

time8am - 8:40am

Technology & Communication

WEBINAR 5 of 10 (Mar 7) - Use technology to create new-age revenue streams. A professional online presence is vital. It's the first place that prospective members…

dateMonday March 7th

time8am - 8:40am

Sponsorship Program

WEBINAR 9 of 10 (Apr 4) - Simplify Sponsorship and grow your revenue. Learn about our proven, new-age methods of generating sponsorship revenue. Community sport o…

dateMonday April 4th

time9am - 9:40am

Revenue - Fundraising and Fund Saving

WEBINAR 6 of 10 (Mar 14) - How to create a proven 12-month revenue plan. Simplified fund saving goals for success. Hard work fundraisers are a thing of the past.…

dateMonday March 14th

time8am - 8:40am

Grants Program

WEBINAR 7 of 10 (Mar 21) - Too many clubs miss out on this revenue, learn how to generate and save revenue through grants. We'll have some expert guest presenters…

dateMonday March 21st

time8am - 8:40am

Capital Infrastructure

WEBINAR 8 of 10 (Mar 28) - Raising revenue for major projects. Learn how to go from conception to delivery of large capital infrastructure and facility projects f…

dateMonday March 28th

time8am - 8:40am

Financial Goals & Reports

WEBINAR 10 of 10 (Apr 11) - Setting and delivering revenue goals. We'll go through some financial tips to provide transparency, accountability and piece of mind f…

dateMonday April 11th

time9am - 9:40am

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