Our free weekly webinars cover common challenges for all community sports and how to solve them. We bring 20+ years of professional sport knowledge, and simplify it for community sport across the country.

Recruit & Retain Volunteers

WEBINAR 3 of 8 (June 6) - Recruit and retain more people to create a thriving volunteer program. Learn methods used by top clubs to create a volunteer program tha…

dateMonday June 6th

time9am - 9:40am

Improve Your Planning & Finances

WEBINAR 4 of 8 (June 20) - If you don't plan for it, it won't happen. All successful community sporting clubs have a roadmap and strong financial position. We'll …

dateMonday June 20th

time9am - 9:40am

Professionalise Your Online Presence

WEBINAR 5 of 8 (July 4) - Make your club stand out online. We'll show you how to create a professional, engaging and marketable online presence for your club. A p…

dateMonday July 4th

time9am - 9:40am

Maximise Membership & Sponsorship

WEBINAR 6 of 8 (July 18) - Membership and sponsorship are often the biggest missed opportunities for community-based revenue. Membership is the lifeblood of all c…

dateMonday July 18th

time9am - 9:40am

Embrace New Technology

WEBINAR 7 of 8 (August 1) - Use technology to ease pressure on volunteers. Many clubs are still operating the same way as they were in the 90's. We'll show you wa…

dateMonday August 1st

time9am - 9:40am

Capitalise On Grants & Facilities

WEBINAR 8 of 8 (Aug 15) - Every club needs to have an eye to the future. We'll give you some tips on how to generate and save money through grants, and go from co…

dateMonday August 15th

time9am - 9:40am

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