Our sports fundraising partner


CLUBMAP is proud to team up with the ASF, our sports fundraising partner. The Australian Sports Foundation is Australia’s leading non-profit sports fundraising organisation and charity. Using the ASF makes a donation to your club tax-deductible.

Australian Sports Foundation and CLUBMAP working together to guide community sporting clubs to success.

The Australian Sports Foundation is Australia’s leading non-profit sports fundraising organisation and charity, and the only organisation to which donations for sport are tax-deductible.

In the last 35 years, the ASF has distributed hundreds of millions of dollars to Aussie sports clubs to help develop an inclusive and active sporting nation, and to strengthen local communities.

“During more than 30 years in community and professional sport, I have seen the importance of volunteers at every level. The most important step a community sports club can take is to make life easy for the people who are running the club. One of the ways to do this is diversification of revenue streams, which is why we’ve long been recommending the Australian Sports Foundation.” - CLUBMAP Founder & CEO Terry Dillon

“We are thrilled to partner with CLUBMAP, who deliver exceptional guidance to sports clubs, enabling them to be sustainable and successful through best club administrative practices. This partnership means we can better align our support for community sports clubs, who are still facing ongoing challenges following the Covid-19 pandemic.” - Australian Sports Foundation CEO Patrick Walker.

The combined initiative will focus on delivering strategic advice, resources and tax-deductible fundraising opportunities to sporting clubs across Australia with importance placed on revenue generation and good governance in sports committee structures.


The ASF’s recent survey on the impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s estimated 70,000 community clubs revealed some frightening statistics.

50% of clubs

Reported that their financial reserves were in decline

42% of clubs

reported a severe decline in volunteering


Was the average reported loss in revenue