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Premium Planning Workshop

The gold standard in community sporting club support and direction. We guide you through planning in all the key areas of your club’s administration, generating roadmaps for revenue, operations and strategy. And we show you how to put them into action.

$2,499 AUD+ GST


How it works

A 2-hour online workshop guides your committee and interested members to formulate a blueprint for club success. It covers revenue, volunteers, operations, sponsorship, future strategy and more. The resulting plans lay out the road map for your club to thrive.

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What's included

Premium Club Planning Workshop

During the 2-hour workshop we will audit your club's current health, guide your club to set up a new 'load-sharing' structure, introduce the fundamentals of a thriving volunteer program, simplify how your club manages finances, introduce new revenue initiatives and develop a strategic planning focus.

Comprehensive health report, covering your club's 11 key administration areas and providing an action plan get your club moving.

A tailored strategic plan, focusing on the long-term viability and success of the club, and HOW to get there.

An succinct operational plan focusing on the here-and-now priorities to improve your club in the next 12 months.

Work smarter, not harder with a tailored revenue plan for your club. Discover new-age revenue, steering away from hard-work fundraising.

Call CLUBMAP anytime, we're here to help for 12 months.

Our educational Resources Hub contains 170+ short videos and 250+ articles and templates, showing you HOW.

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