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Tailored Webinar Series

Most clubs face similar challenges. Revenue, volunteers, membership, sponsorship, operations, the list goes on. A custom webinar series helps clubs take a deep dive into one issue at a time. It’s the perfect way for administrators from a sport, association or council to reach all their participants and volunteers on their issues and challenges. Easy. Convenient. Proven. And good value.

$999/+ GST



Before you can fix something, you need to know what’s broken. Our interactive educational webinars start with the issues clubs face, and why. Then they move on to offering committee members proven strategies that work at clubs. Every session ends with a Q and A that allows attendees to clarify any point the webinar covers.

Perfect for sporting bodies or councils to tailor the education to their needs.

Typically, councils or sports will select a handful of topics to start with. There is some more information below on what a package could look like.

Contact us to discuss the topics and how a short series could work for your sport or council.

Topics available

Below is a list of popular topics, plus more available. Contact us to discuss your series.

Successful community clubs share the load. Most clubs don't spend enough time to get the right structure in place. Very hard to move forward without expanding your structure.

Proven methods to engage more helpers and create a thriving volunteer program.

Participation growth and supporter membership focus is vital. A missed opportunity for many clubs, for any sport.

Most clubs just don't know what they're selling. Offer real value, create ongoing partnerships and simplify what you're offering.

Move away from hard-work fundraisers, 100+ hours of work to raise $1000. Move your fundraising online, and do them well.

Make the most of your club's grant applications, and always have an eye to the future with your facilities. Build it right and they will come.

Many clubs are still using systems and procedures from the 90's. Bring your club into today with new technology and programs to streamline your administration.

Many clubs barely have a Facebook page, let alone a website and others. We'll give you some basic essentials that every organisation should have in place.

If you don't plan for it, it won't happen. Far too often clubs don't have a plan in place, and rarely have any soft accountability with finances. We'll show club's how to boost these vital areas.

We also have proven methods for improving club's succession planning, culture, fund saving, governance and more.

Packages for sports and councils

More information on what a package could look like for your clubs and administrators.

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