Success stories

North Shore Football Netball Club

The North Shore Seagulls are a storied and successful club who compete in the Geelong Football Netball League.

How it started

CLUBMAP began working with North Shore 'Seagulls' Football Netball Club in 2020.

The initiative to collaborate with CLUBMAP was lead by Greg Dennis spoke at our last free webinar. After retiring from his job as a logistics manager he jumped on his local club's committee to help out.

What we did

'CLUBMAP introduced us to new technology like Square, which we now run our bar and meals through. Also TidyHQ, which has been a revelation in terms of database management of club contacts; event management; and membership management. TidyHQ has been the biggest gamechanger at our club'.

'The biggest thing that Terry and Jon and his clan behind him have done for us is introduced us to planning. In the past two years we've run probably 8 or 9 planning sessions on different segments of the club from communication to fundraising to memberships to the football and netball programs.'

Where they are now

Over the past two years of applying the lessons learned in their CLUBMAP planning workshop, North Shore Football & Netball Club has learned how to share the load and plan for success. Check here to see if a CLUBMAP workshop could work for your club.

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